Burkar Endüstri Ürünleri Makina Otomotiv Sanayi Ltd. Şti makes
production of Protection purpose pipes,multi-purpose air carrier
hoses for industrial and automotive sector.















As Burkar Endüstri Ürünleri Makina Otomotiv Sanayi Ltd. Şti, our quality policy is;

To present the desired product to our customer on-time and in the most economical way
without conceding quality.Our goal is always to satisfy our customer and to fulfill the expectations
of our customers by surveying about their demands and expectations.
Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and product quality, increase product capacity,
be a company which is exemplified in its field of activiy, follow technological innovations and handles
its employees in this direction to be able to reduce costs.
BURKAR - as an indicator of the importance given to the environmental management system -
always keeps the respect in the forefront to its employees and environment within the working place or outside the environment.

Our Mission

Without compromising ethical principles, we adopt to be a company which follows technological and scientific developments, provides customer satisfaction by moving the quality to the highest levels, competes in the international market and minimizes the negative effects to our environment.

Our Vision

Customer orientation and on-time delivery
Continuously developing the highest level of quality
Human health and safety
Cheapest price Reliability 
Environmental awareness