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Burheat Heat Protection Tube;

Usage areas

This material is used for protection of control cables, gear cables, coolant tubes, air-conditioning and ventilation pipes, fuel hoses, wire sets and heat-sensitive parts due to the good reflectivity of the glossy aluminum surface and in automotive industry for the purpose of protection on gearshift lever cables, speed display cables, hydraulic systems and electrical cables, auto gas systems and copper pipe. It protects the glass fiber in the outer layer from contacting the copper pipe with the metal and provides protection even at high temperatures also used as a flexible heat-setting sheath, flexible heat preservation pipe, flexible heat protective hose, flexible thermal sheath, flexible protective tube, flexible protective tube also used as flexible air carrier pipe, flexible air carrier hose, mechanical mesh sheath, flexible mesh sheath, cable grip, cable protector, Tube, cable collector and cable organizer, as well.

Technical Specifications

Material AL+AG
Layer Structure Outer Layer: Kraft Middle Layer: Aluminum Inner Layer: Glass fiber
Heat resistance 250-350 °C
Diameter Measures Ø8 mm - Ø90 mm
Length Length cutting (in desired sizes) or 10 m round bulk without joints. Winding can be done in infinite lengths with joints
Length tolerance ± 5 mm up to 400 mm, ± 1% for 400 mm and above
Number of Knots Min. 400 knots / meter
Bending Radius Approx. 1.5 x ID
Temperature Resistance -40 ° C to + 350 ° C (both internal and external)
Test Conditions -40 ° C, 4 hours, +250 ° C, 48 hours
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