Burkar Otomotiv Corporate


About Burkar OTOMOTIV

Burkar Endüstri Ürünleri Makina Otomotiv Sanayi Ltd. Şti manufactures multi-purpose air carrier hoses for automotive industry and industrial parts, protective tubes. In our production, glass fiber (textile reinforced), PET fiber, aluminum foil, Kraft paper, PVC foil, copper foils are used to produce heat, wear and impact resistant prosthesis pipes. In addition, the production of sponge pipes used in conjunction with Kraft hoses has been started. In addition to this, trim parts, sponge seals and felts which are used against dust, noise and vibration prevention are shaped. Specially sewing and confection is made for our customers by cutting the sponge materials in the desired shapes with or without adhesive.
Our mission
To ensure customer satisfaction by following the scientific and technological developments without sacrificing ethical principles and achieving the highest level of quality and to achieve competitive position in the international market and to minimize the negative impacts on our environment..

Our vision
Customer orientation and on-time shipment
Continuous quality at the highest level
Human health and safety
Cheapest price
Environmental awareness