Our Policies

Sustainability Policy

As BURKAR INDUSTRY, in order to be successful in the long term, we adopt an approach that takes into account the requirements of global standards, the sustainability of natural resources, the environment and the needs of future generations.

Being aware of the limited natural resources, we work to bring the better for today and for the future. And we focus on climate change adaptation, zero waste and supporting sustainability.

For BURKAR INDUSTRY, we have created a sustainability strategy by evaluating our company's environmental, social and economic impact areas, the expectations of our stakeholders and our corporate strategy together. We continue to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and to prepare a better future for the environment, society and next generations

Our company, which accepts all these as its main responsibility, has accepted the following elements as its sustainability policy:

- To turn the corporate sustainability perspective into a corporate culture. Raising awareness for our stakeholders, both for our employees and for this area.

- To determine our business goals in all our activities by taking into consideration the three aspects of sustainability in economic, environmental and social dimensions.

- Considering the effects of our activities and investments on environmental, social, natural and cultural heritage while adhering to our ethical rules. To do measurement and evaluation activities.

- To develop practices that will improve occupational health and safety in accordance with our priority focus area studies. And to implement these improvements and follow up with our sustainability report.

- To use the energy we consume more efficiently by constantly monitoring our energy consumption. To follow up our energy consumption with our sustainability report.

- To monitor our water consumption in accordance with our priority works. To document water consumption with our sustainability report. To ensure the efficient use of water and to raise awareness among our employees and stakeholders on this issue.

- To inform our suppliers about our sustainability strategy and expectations by attaching importance to sustainability criteria in our supply chain. And to reduce sustainability risks in our sphere of influence by adding these criteria to supplier audit processes.

- To contribute to the social and economic development of the society and our local stakeholders and to local employment. Sourcing the products and services we purchase from local companies as much as possible.

- To increase the loyalty and welfare of our employees to ensure sustainable productivity. To make the working environment more efficient.

- To not allow discrimination among our employees under any circumstances. To provide equal rights to all our employees in matters such as remuneration, performance evaluation, employment, etc.

- Providing women with equal opportunities in the business environment and increasing women's employment.

- To accept the religious, structural or cultural differences of all our stakeholders. And to value all our stakeholders.

- To comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations, ethical and professional principles and universal rules within the scope of Combating Bribery and Corruption.

- To announce this committed and applied policy to all our employees.

- To make this policy accessible to the public and third parties.

- To follow up our policy by ensuring effective communication with our stakeholders.

Environmental Policy

Our company has adopted the following elements as its environmental policy.

- To carry out activities that will contribute to continuous improvement regarding the reduction of environmental negative effects

- To reduce our wastes, to provide waste recovery and to prevent pollution.

- To meet the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems that we have in line with the relevant environmental legislation, law and regulation.

- By creating environmental goals and targets, monitoring the compliance of the activities carried out during the year with these goals and objectives. To review the current situation at least once a year.

- To perceive the Environmental Management System correctly, to document the environmental management system in a necessary and sufficient way, to ensure its implementation and continuity.

- To ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance.

- To prefer environmentally friendly products and services that care about energy efficiency.

- To implement environmental awareness training activities continuously. To create an organization that learns, constantly evolves and shares.

- Keeping initiatives for environmental improvement alive through effective communication with our stakeholders.

- To comply with the legal regulations, standards, directives and rules of the institutions we are affiliated with within the scope of our activities.

- To reach international standards in our activities.

- To announce this committed and applied policy to all our employees.

- To make this policy accessible to the public and third parties.

ISG Policy

Our company has adopted the following elements as an occupational health and safety policy.

- To continuously improve all processes by reducing Occupational Health and Safety risks to an acceptable risk level.

- To take measures to minimize the possible harmful consequences of accidents or emergencies that may occur during our activities by acting with the principle of zero occupational accidents and zero occupational diseases.

- To pay maximum attention to the health, safety and security of our visitors, suppliers and employees in our work areas.

- To increase the awareness of our employees, suppliers and visitors on the subject with continuous training, awareness raising and effective communication activities.

- To act in accordance with all local and international laws, regulations and standards regarding occupational health and safety issues.

- To continuously monitor the compliance of our employees with our occupational health and safety policies.

- To make continuous improvements in occupational health and safety performance

- To provide information, human resources, technology and financial resources that will ensure the continuity of the occupational health and safety system.

- To announce this committed and applied policy to all our employees.

- To make this policy accessible to the public and third parties.

Ethics and Business Principles


BURKAR INDUSTRY Code of Ethics and Business Principles define the rules that BURKAR Company and all its affiliates and all third parties acting on their behalf and employees must comply with. In addition, these principles define employee rights, company ethical valuation and basic principles.

Our Responsibilities as Employees:

- As BURKAR INDUSTRY, the honesty of our employees is very important to maintain our reputation, reliability and success. Behavior that is unethical or does not comply with our working principles is never acceptable. This type of behavior is never tolerated. It is the duty of every employee to protect the prestige and success of BURKAR INDUSTRY.

- Each employee should work at the highest professional level in order to meet the needs of internal and external customers, within the scope of the work under his / her responsibility. In addition, employees should work efficiently and contribute towards their own goals, company goals and customer needs.

- All employees should pay particular attention to the following:

- Employees must act within the framework of basic moral and human values while performing our Duties.

- Employees must act with honesty and reliability; It should establish and maintain equal relationships between individuals. Employees must cooperate with other employees for common purposes and use our company's assets and resources effectively, efficiently and respectfully,

- Employees must display behavior and business ethics in accordance with the "Code of Ethics and Business Principles" announced throughout the company. And employees must read, understand and comply with all principles of our company,

- Employees must avoid unfair competition in all transactions and in our relations with other financial institutions within the framework of honest competition principles.

- Employees should not forget that being open, complete and accurate is a part of our credibility and should always act in a way that will increase the reputation of BURKAR INDUSTRY.


Our employees should;

- While communicating with outsourced personnel, each employee on information security is responsible for carrying out its work in a way that respects the protection of information within BURKAR (Interns, supplier staff, all persons regardless of their position or role.)

- Unauthorized use of personal and financial information of customers, suppliers, and an employee is strictly prohibited. (Except for the disclosure of information and documents required by authorized persons or institutions specified in the law and other legal regulations).

- Employees cannot share the information and documents they have learned as a result of their jobs with unauthorized persons and authorities inside and outside the company for whatever purpose, and cannot use them for speculative purposes (Directly or through a third party.)

- Employees know that the projects, technical infrastructure, regulations, patents, etc. they have developed due to their duties within the scope of Intellectual Property are the property of BURKAR. Employees may never take these and similar works out of the company without the written approval of their senior manager.

- Employees do not share their personal rights, which should only be known to them, with other persons inside or outside the institution.

- Employees avoid criticism about BURKAR's general policies that could damage the company's reputation.

- In the event that the employee leaves his / her job in the company for any reason, the responsibility of protecting the personal and financial information of the customers continues. It is forbidden to take confidential information out of the company, to share it with third parties or to use such information for personal business outside the company.

- Discussing or talking about confidential information about customers or transactions, outside of normal business activities and in public areas overheard by third parties, may result in a breach of this privacy.

- Personal information accessed by our employees for business purposes should be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) and the legislation supporting this law, company policies and procedures.

- Non-public information, transactions, computer software, technical information, materials, records, files, documents, programs, reports, reviews, data, customer lists, trade secrets and all other information about BURKAR customers and other third parties are the property of BURKAR and Cannot be used except.

- It is our employees' responsibility to be aware of all policies regarding the safe management, distribution, transportation, storage or disposal of information.

- Confidential information should be stored where only authorized persons can see and access it. When not in active use, documents containing confidential information should be securely stored in the drawer or cabinet. Confidential information should not be left on fax machines, printers and other unsafe places.


Relations with Customers, Suppliers and Other External Organizations

As BURKAR, our main goal is to meet the needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction determines the success or failure of our institution. Therefore; our customers are the most important part of our business. Since providing customer satisfaction is the best advertising work we can do, In the company, customer relationship management is based on the principles of professionalism, courtesy and more importantly, seriousness and reliability. Honesty, equality and compliance with the laws should be kept at the highest level in customer relations.

Employees must provide customers with complete and clear information about the Company's products and services. Employees do not have the right to provide false information for higher profit. Communication techniques that are incompatible with professional ethics and that provide incorrect or incomplete information about the product or service to the customer cannot be used. Sales realization or communication techniques that make use of efforts to force the customer in the decision process cannot be used.

In addition to the interests of the company in the activities carried out in the free market economy, employees generally endeavor to maintain trust in the automotive sector. Employees should strive for the development of the sector. Employees avoid behaviors that constitute unfair competition within the framework of the principles of observing common interests. They do not express positive or negative opinions or make comments regarding competitors and their products and services during their duties.

Relations with suppliers are also based on the above-mentioned rules.

All of our employees must refrain from any activity, practice or action that would violate competition law, especially the abuse of the situation.


Our employees pay attention to the following issues in order to prevent possible conflicts of interest;

- Employees avoid causing conflict of interest or impression in favor of themselves or their relatives, and do not take part in the decision-making process in matters concerning their own or their relatives' interests.

- Employees do not enter into any personal financial relations with customers and suppliers, and do not gain personal benefit by using business relationships.

- Employees do not allow gifts or offers of interest that may affect their own decisions and consent or create a conflict of interest.

- Employees use the company's assets and resources efficiently only for the benefit and benefit of the organization.

- Employees use their time and effort for our company, do not assume any other responsibility that may create a conflict of interest, and do not work for any real or legal person outside the company.

- Employees act in line with the principles of honesty and transparency in their relations with public institutions and organizations, and maintain distance and impartial relations.

- Employees protect company and customer secrets, do not take out information that provides competitive advantage and special to our Company.

- Employees do not use the information they obtain as a result of their duties in a way that will cause unfair gain.


Any violation of immunity is not tolerated by our employees or our stakeholders with whom we have a business relationship, through physical, sexual or emotional harassment, in the workplace or in any place they are in for work. Possible negative attitudes and behaviors towards those who report such violations or assist during the investigation are considered as a violation of our code of ethics

Systematic and planned behaviors that aim to cool the person from work, reduce their performance, and cause them to resign, as evaluated within the scope of psychological pressure (mobbing), are not tolerated.


Within the framework of honest and prudent management principles, managers are responsible for implementing management styles that will increase the values of our company, provide maximum profit and protect the rights of employees in the long term.

Our employees are obliged to follow the instructions of their superiors as a general principle. However, employees are not obliged to follow the instructions that may damage the profitability, productivity and reputation of BURKAR or that do not comply with the company's principles.


Bribery is the direct or indirect offer of payments or benefits to our employees or employees to influence decisions and practices in an illegal way. This situation may occur in many ways, such as making / receiving cash or non-cash payments, giving / receiving valuable gifts, offering the employee an advantage that will provide personal benefit, etc.

When our employees are offered a bribe by any person, company or institution, this should be reported immediately to the top management by our employee.

When a bribe is offered to any person, company or institution by our employees, this should be immediately reported to the senior management by the person who saw / knew about the offer.

Human Rights Policy

Our company, which accepts Human Rights as an integral part of the company's ethical rules, has adopted the following elements as a human rights policy.,

- To ensure that all our employees and business partners comply with the Human Rights Policy.

- To comply with national and international laws and regulations regarding Human Rights.

- Not to allow discrimination among our employees under any circumstances and to provide equal rights to all our employees in matters such as remuneration, performance evaluation, employment, etc.

- To ensure equal opportunities for women in the business environment and to increase women's employment.

- To improve the gender balance in the decision-making mechanisms of our company and to increase the ratio of female managers in our company.

- To accept the age, religion, race and cultural differences of all our stakeholders. And to value all our stakeholders.

- Not allowing child labor at any stage of our activities.

- To secure the issue of not employing child labor in the contracts made with our suppliers and to consider this issue during audits.

- Not allowing forced labor at any stage of our activities under conditions that do not comply with laws and regulations.

- Preventing all kinds of situations that interrupt our employees from exercising their right to freedom of expression in the business environment. And cooperating with non-governmental organizations.

- To respect our employees' right to collective bargaining and freedom of association.

- To create healthy, ergonomic and safe working conditions for our employees.

- To be a socially reliable employer for our employees.

- Not tolerating incidents such as maltreatment, intimidation and harassment in the workplace.

- To announce this committed and applied policy to all our employees.

- To make this policy accessible to the Public and third parties.

- To follow this policy by ensuring effective communication with our stakeholders.

Quality Policy

- To be the most preferred organization in the production of automotive spare parts by producing fast solutions and by realizing our commitments with an innovative understanding on time, completely and at the most affordable costs.

- To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by meeting the expectations and needs of our customers with the principle of honesty, trust and quality in production and service.

- To fulfill the legal and regulatory requirements of our customers.

- To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System with teamwork awareness

- To ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers and all related parties who benefit from the products / services we offer.

- With the commitment of the management, it is the responsibility of the employees of BURKAR ENDÜSTRİ ÜRÜNLERİ OTOMOTİV LTD ŞTİ to provide all applicable conditions for these substances.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

- Prevention of Child Labor

To act in accordance with the principles and procedures of employing children and young workers and not to employ workers under the age of 18.

- Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor

Not employing forced or involuntary workers bound by a contract.

- Ensuring Worker Health and Safety

Taking a preventive approach based on risk analysis. To ensure the participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices and to implement a working system that prioritizes the general health of the employees.

- Prevention of Discrimination

Not to discriminate among employees based on race, color, language, ethnicity, political opinion, marital status, age, pregnancy or gender. To provide employment among employees based on their ability to do the job. In addition, to realize remuneration, social assistance and promotion transactions in this direction.

- Discipline/ Maltreatment and Harassment Prevention

To respect the personality and dignity of each employee. Not to use institutional punishment. Not allowing verbal, physical or psychological abuse or coercion.

- Determination of Working Hours

To comply with applicable laws and obligations in determining working hours. To apply the voluntary basis on overtime work.

- Fees and Payments

To make regular and overtime payments determined by laws.

- Prevention of Environmental Pollution

To comply with the current environmental legislation. To prevent environmental pollution and reduce pollution at its source based on environmental aspects and impact assessment.

- Compliance with Customs Legislation

To comply with all applicable local and international regulations regarding customs. Regarding these regulations, preventing the illegal shipment of the products it produces.

- Relations with Suppliers

To evaluate the social compliance activities of the supplier companies he works with. Monitoring the evaluation results with action plans and gradually increasing the social compliance levels.

- Fighting Bribery and Corruption

To be against all kinds of bribery and corruption. Regardless of its purpose, to prevent receiving or giving bribes. To carry out and maintain the sensitivity to bribery under the roof of the management system in accordance with the laws, regulations and customer requirements. And to commit continuous improvement in this regard.